A Brief History of Farangi Mahal

The Ulama-e-Farangi Mahal is the only family in the world to have produced Islamic Scholars consistently for the last about 1,000 years. These Islamic Scholars trace their lineage back as far as to the time of the Prophet (pbuh). The ancestors of Farangi Mahlis migrated to India in the 11th Century. The first evidence of the existence of the family lies in a revenue-free grant made to an ancestor Allam Hafiz in 1559. It is Emperor Akbar's first known 'farman' (edict). The Islamic Scholars of this family can be traced through similar documents down to the time in 1692 when the Allama's great-great grandson, Qutub-ud-din, was murdered at Sehali near Barabanki in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Emperor Aurangzeb was highly influenced by the Islamic scholars of Farangi Mahal, so when he heard about the murder of Allama Qutub-ud-din Shaheed, he immediately ordered the family of Allama be shifted to a safer place in the city of Lucknow.

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Allama-Abdul-Hai Farangi Mahali Hayata iur Ilmi Khidmat Bimafi (urdu)
By : Maulana Tariq Rasheed
Maulana Abdul hai Farangi Mahali 
By : Maulana Tariq Rasheed
Farangi Mahali
Al Nizamia Magazine – Monthly (URDU & HINDI)
Editor : Maulana Khalid Rasheed
By : Maulana Abdul Hai
Farangi Mahali
Alam-n-Farangi MahalBimafi Nuzhat at Khawatir(ARABIC)
By : Maulana Tariq Rasheed
Maulana Abdul hai Farangi Mahali – Hayat Aur Ilmi Khidmaat(URDU)
By : Maulana Tariq Rasheed


Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali has given a number of fatwas to guide the community on right path.
Among his most famous and highly appreciated fatwas...

Issued Fatwa Against Terrorism

Issued Fatwa Against Terrorism(hindi)

Issued Fatwa to Prevent Female Infanticide

Issued Fatwa To Prevent Girl Education


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